Software Developer

Phalanx Software is looking for a Software Developer, with at least two years of experience in the industry, to join the team. The ideal candidate will be proficient in one of the backend or frontend technologies listed in this vacancy.

At a Glance

  • Role: Software Developer
  • Technology: Any one listed in this vacancy
  • Basis: Full-time (32 hours per week)
  • Experience Required: 2 years
  • Salary: €30,000 gross per annum
  • Location: Malta/Gozo, working from home

About Us

Phalanx Software is a company, founded in 2019, specializing in iGaming and enterprise software. Quality and professionalism are the company's core values. We aim to build software that solves the complex problems that businesses face as they transition out of their startup phases and start looking to automate their business processes.

Phalanx Software is led by Kyle Pullicino, a software developer with a Masters in Computer Science. Kyle has been working in the iGaming and financial services industry for over five years. He has seen how inefficient these enterprises can get as they grow and Phalanx Software's mission is based on tackling these problems widespread throughout the industry.

The entire team at Phalanx Software has been working remotely since the company's inception. Everyone is free to manage their time and work from their home, office or wherever they feel comfortable.


Applicants must:

  • be proficient in one of the technologies listed below and its ecosystem;
  • have been working as a software developer for at least two years;
  • be comfortable using Linux-based systems;
  • understand the principles of good software design;
  • use a pragmatic approach when building software;
  • be able to speak excellent English and communicate clearly;
  • be willing to learn and truly understand the business domains that we work in; and,
  • live in Malta or Gozo.

Relevant Technologies

Candidates wishing to apply for this role must designate which one of the following technologies they would like to work with at application stage:

  • Backend
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • Python
    • Rust
  • Frontend
    • React
    • Svelte
  • Android Development
    • Kotlin

The Role

As a software developer, the chosen applicant will be responsible for understanding the requirements presented to us by our clients, design solutions tackling those problems and then develop, test and deploy the required software applications. Software developers are also required to peer-review code developed by their colleagues and will receive training with regards to the business domain they are working in.

Since Phalanx Software is a fairly young company, the chosen applicant will also have the unique opportunity of helping the company grow. In particular, they will have a say on the company’s overall software development process, the tools that we use and how we conduct our business in general. The chosen applicant will be required to work remotely from their home and the company will grant the employee help with setting up their home office.

The budgeted gross salary for this role is of €30,000 per annum and the chosen applicant is expected to work 32 hours per week on a full-time basis.

Location Independence

Unlike other companies, Phalanx Software is set up so that employees have all the tools necessary to work and complete their tasks wherever they feel the most comfortable. In particular, we do not have a central office building. While this might seem counter-intuitive, we believe that this system ultimately makes the company more efficient and better at delivering high-quality products.

For this reason, candidates must be comfortable and able to work completely from home.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for this role involves up to three one-hour long meetings with members of the Phalanx Software team. In the first introduction meeting, we introduce ourselves and get to know the candidate in more depth. During the introductory meeting, there is very little focus on the technical aspects of the job and, instead, we discuss a candidate's suitability for the job based on their personality and how well they would mesh with the rest of the team.

Afterwards, a technical interview is scheduled which should not take longer than an hour. During the technical interview, the candidate is asked to walk the interviewer through completing a hypothetical task. The candidate will also be asked to review a piece of code that they haven't seen before and to make suggestions on how it can be improved. The interviewer will then assess how well the candidate can adapt and work on technical tasks, even if they are not familiar with the domain.

An optional third clarification meeting may have to be scheduled with the candidate if a number of questions arise during the recruitment process. During this meeting the candidate also gets a chance to ask more concrete questions about the job being offered and how Phalanx Software conducts its business.

After discussing the meetings with the rest of the team at Phalanx Software, the candidate is finally informed of the company's decision. If the decision is positive, the candidate will receive a job offer and draft contract for their final signature.


If you feel you have what it takes, we'd love to hear from you! Apply by sending your CV, a short introduction of yourself and your preferred technology to and we'll get back to you.

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