PhalanxCast is Phalanx Software's regular podcast discussing issues and topics related to technology, information systems, business automation, artificial intelligence and computer science.

Latest Episodes

  • Open Source ( 47:16 )

    2 yrs ago | Download Audio

    Gabor Berkics (Business Development Manager) at Phalanx Software joins Kyle Pullicino (Founder) and Nicholas Buttigieg (Software Engineer) to discuss the idea behind open source, a number of its use cases, as well as how some systems could be improved if they adopt a more open approach. Episode Li..…

  • Lessons from the Pandemic ( 49:13 )

    2 yrs ago | Download Audio

    Gabor Berkics, business development manager at Phalanx Software joins Kyle Pullicino, founder of Phalanx Software in discussing how the pandemic has spurred greater adoption of technology throughout various segments of society. During the podcast, Gabor and Kyle treat data privacy issues related to.…