Projects - 14/11/2023

Formatting for ESEF Financial Statements

Is your company looking to convert its financial statements into a format that is ESEF-compliant? At Phalanx Software, we specialize in transforming financial statements prepared in Microsoft Word into beautiful, handcrafted HTML files that are perfect for ESEF tagging. Our solution is a much better alternative than directly converting PDFs, as it enhances both the visual appeal and accessibility of your financial statements.

Why HTML Conversion for ESEF Compliance?

The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) requires companies to submit their annual financial reports in an electronically readable format using Inline XBRL. While converting your financial statements to PDF first and then converting those to HTML directly (using something like pdf2htmlEX) is a common approach, it limits the ability to effectively tag and structure the data. All semantic information and structure from your original document is lost, and you will not be able to take advantage of the features afforded to you by the latest web standards.

The Benefits of HTML Conversion for ESEF Tagging

By converting your financial statements to HTML before applying ESEF tags, you unlock numerous advantages:

1. Improved Tagging Capability

HTML provides a structured format that allows for more precise and accurate tagging of financial data. This ensures that the information in your financial statements is properly categorized and easily traceable, enabling investors and stakeholders to efficiently navigate and access the relevant data.

2. Visual Appeal and User Experience

Converting your financial statements to HTML allows for greater customization, resulting in visually appealing reports with enhanced readability. Our handcrafted HTML files are designed to be engaging, highlighting key information using charts, graphs, and interactive elements that create an immersive user experience.

3. Responsive Design for Multiple Devices

HTML conversion enables the responsive design of your financial statements, ensuring a seamless viewing experience on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility extends accessibility to investors and stakeholders, regardless of their preferred device.

4. Accessibility Compliance

HTML conversion also allows for improved accessibility compliance, making your financial statements more inclusive and available to a wider audience. By adhering to accessibility standards, such as proper heading structure and alternative text for images, your content becomes accessible to individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities.

Streamline Your ESEF Compliance with Phalanx Software's HTML Conversion Service

If you aim to achieve ESEF compliance while enhancing the visual appeal and tagging capabilities of your financial statements, our HTML conversion service is the ideal solution. By converting your Microsoft Word documents into stunning HTML files, your financial statements can be seamlessly transformed into ESEF-compliant documents, ready for efficient tagging and submission.

Contact us today for a free sample, using your past financial statements, to demonstrate the benefits of our service.