Projects - 10/10/2020

Game Provider Wallet Integrations

On the 9th of June 2020, MrQ released Relax Gaming's catalogue of games on their online casino. Phalanx Software is proud to have developed the API integration allowing MrQ to start offering Relax games on their platform.

Game Provider Integrations

To ensure that games are fair to players, a gambling system is typically split into the operator part and the provider part. The operator's platform will usually contain features related to authenticating players, managing their funds and paying out any winnings due to them. The provider's platform will, on the other hand, be responsible for running games and ensuring that all outcomes are truly random. With this setup, the operator cannot tamper or "rig" the result in their favour because they have no access to the game being played.

For this reason, gambling operators such as online casinos, bookmakers, bingo providers and online poker rooms will require special integrations so that their wallet system can communicate and run games offered by providers such as Relax Gaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming or Play'n GO

Game Provider Aggregators

When planning an operator platform, it is possible to use a game provider aggregator to quickly integrate with multiple different game providers. While this is beneficial because operators can quickly offer thousands of different games to their players with a single integration, using a game provider aggregator has two major drawbacks.

Firstly, game provider aggregators will usually charge a much larger fee than if the operator integrates directly with the underlying game provider. Secondly, certain game providers offer special and innovative features in their games which might not be available in other game providers. Game provider aggregators will typically only implement the common feature set between all game providers. This prevents operators that use game provider aggregators from using the special features offered by game providers.

Operators need to take the above into consideration when choosing which game providers to integrate and whether to go the game provider aggregator route.


Phalanx Software has ample experience integrating game provider platforms into your gambling system. We can help you when designing and implementing the integration and can guide you through the whole process. For more information about this service, contact us for a free consultation.