Projects - 06/03/2024

Streamlining Condominium Management with Insulae

Phalanx Software Ltd. is proud to introduce Insulae, a revolutionary cloud-based software system meticulously crafted to transform the daily operations of condominium administrators. In the fast-paced world of property and condominium management, efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility are paramount. Recognizing these critical needs, we have developed Insulae to be the cornerstone of modern condominium management.


Insulae is designed to help administrators with their tasks while also allowing them to be more transparent with respect to the owners and residents who have entrusted them with their property. Both administrators and residents can login into Insulae and will only see the information which is associated with their condominiums.

Administrators can create condominium-wide announcements which are delivered straight into every registered owner's mailbox (or even as a notification directly onto their phones!). Insulae allows its users to create maintenance requests to help administrators keep tabs on what issues are still pending across all their condominiums. Administrators may upload quotations, invoices and receipts alongside each such maintenance request and furthermore inform users whenever an issue has been dealt with.

In addition to this, Insulae can help condominium administrators track the owner contributions and expenses for each individual condominium that they manage. All this information is then presented clearly, and intuitively, to all the members of each condominium guaranteeing maximum transparency, on the administrator's part, of how funds are being used.

Insulae is a live service that is constantly being updated with new features on a near-daily basis. Multiple new features are in the pipeline including condominium online meetings, online payment collection and much more.

You can access Insulae's dedicated website, including a full list of features and contact information by going to

Free Trial

As Insulae has only been recently launched, we are currently offering a one-time only, early-bird, six-month free trial for any interested condominium administrator. Insulae has been designed for anyone to use, be they professional administrators, condominium companies or even volunteer administrators.

Get in touch with us now by contacting us to start your free trial.

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